Pwytter 0.3

Pwytter is a graphical client for Twitter written in Python / tkInter.

If you want to try this 0.3 release, download the following file, decompress it and double click on pwytter.exe

The source distribution should work on Mac OSX and Linux too.

Pwytter is a twitter client written in Python.

Pwytter 0.3, a twitter client written in Python / tkInter

ChangeLog, release 0.3

  • Collapsable edit parameters (Saved in XML Files)
  • clickable profile and user URLs, Names and Images
  • Improved UI
  • Multi-lines message display and improved word wrap
  • Better path management
  • icons on button (from famfamfam)
  • balloons suport (Hints)
  • Bug corrected in UserTimeLine Display : error 404

Download from SVN

2 Responses to “Pwytter 0.3”

  1. Calvin Spealman Says:

    I like it. Such a slick looking Tk app is surprising. I’m used to them all looking very bland. Sending a new message, however, doesn’t seem to be reflected in the UI, even though the message has sent. If that’s a known bug, you should consider it a big one.

    Also, instead of cycling through the timelines, have you considered just having two flags to include friend and public timelines? As is, you can’t see both at once, which would be a nice feature.

  2. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Calvin, I’m aware of the responsiveness problem. I’m going to add a threaded layer to access twitter services.

    For the different timelines, I’ll think about your proposition.

    Thanks for your comment.

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