Pwytter 0.5.1

A bug was corrected in

The Win32 exe release is now working again.

Download Pwytter now !

6 Responses to “Pwytter 0.5.1”

  1. florentp Says:

    Dumb question but why are you distributing mac version as source?

  2. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    florentp > I will distribute it as an App soon but I need a bit more time…
    I want to use py2App. If someone can help :-)

  3. Mike Says:

    What python version & modules does it require? I haven’t been able to get it to run in either OS X or Ubuntu 7.04.

  4. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Mike > you sould install PIL on Mac OSX.
    on Ubuntu, you’ll need tkInter, tkInterImage and PIL.

    I’m actually using python 2.4 but il should run on Python 2.5

  5. Mike Says:

    Where can I find PIL?

  6. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Mike > PIL for Mac OS X :

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