Pwytter 0.6

New Features

  • Send direct message
  • Display Followers
  • Update autodetect : New pwytter release

Pwytter 0.6 on Windows


  • Show parameter dialog on first launch
  • Added a link to create a twitter account in parameter dialog
  • The password is masked now in parameter dialog
  • Display a busy cursor when loading timeline and sending message
  • Add a Link to


13 Responses to “Pwytter 0.6”

  1. Peppery Says:

    Hey! Pwytter looks real nice ;)

    Just a quick note, in your screen shot I noticed that you misspelt ‘characters’ down the bottom. I haven’t grabbed Pwytter yet so I don’t know if it’s fixed or not.

    – Pep

  2. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Peppery > thanks ! I’ll correct it for the 0.7 release.

  3. Michael Austin Says:

    Great program, but a black background is really hard to read. Any chance of a do-over in the next update. Or perhaps a skin or two?

  4. Phillip Says:

    What if we don’t want the source? I just want the executable! Thanks! :-D

  5. Sean McGee Says:

    Just wondering: Should I have a notice saying “A new Pwytter release is available” when I apparently have the latest version?

  6. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Michael > Pwytter 0.7 will have a themable GUI.

    Phillip > ACtually there is an executable for Windows only. The Mac .app will follow soon.

    Sean> Strange… Are you sure you have the 0.6 running ?

  7. kohsija Says:

    I’ve tried, and got problem with Thai language.
    I guess that it’s about unicode.

    Good App but can’t use.

  8. Daniel Black Says:

    Hi, Pierre,

    How difficult would it be to transform this into a command-line version? The posting would seem to be the easier piece of that; it’s the display of the tweets that might become a little troublesome. I wonder if there’s a way to link irssi to Twitter?


    Thanks for your effort here.


  9. Adrian Says:

    > On Linux Ubuntu you’ll need to install with synaptic the 3
    > following packages: tkInter, tkInterImage and PIL (Python
    > Image Library).

    No idea what or where these are, but none of them are visible anywhere in synaptic on a Feisty ubuntu system. (all software sources, “main”, “universe”, “restricted” and “multiverse” are enabled)

  10. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Daniel > Do you think of something like a curse version or a CLI only app ?

    Adrian > the apt package names are : python-2.4-imaging, python-2.4-imaging-tk, python-2.4-tk

  11. LAhead Says:

    Apparently this is not yet ready for prime time on Vista because it will not run at all. I get a black screen and nothing else. Eventually the title bar changes to say it is not responding. Nice try though.

  12. Stan Brinkerhoff Says:

    You misspelled ‘caracters’ (sic) in the main dialog of the app (0.6, downloaded from the main site 8/19/07. Nice app though!

  13. tmray Says:

    I have the python packages installed in kubuntu but I still can’t figure out how to run it. Could you let me know what I need to do?

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