Pwytter 0.7

New features

  • User interface Internationalization : English and French translations included
  • Themable user interface, theme chooser, 3 themes included
  • Mac binaries (thanks to py2app)
  • Asian characters (UTF-8 support)

Pwytter 0.7


  • Splashcreen at startup
  • Better edit line handling
  • now uses SetupTools


9 Responses to “Pwytter 0.7”

  1. ironfroggy Says:

    In the following message, when I try to click the link in Pwytter, it includes the text in parens after the link and thus tinyurl can’t find what I’m looking for. other than that, I’m trying to switch to pwytter for my twitter usage.

    Oh Digg, you are a wily mistress (some pretty good WordPress theme resources)

  2. ironfroggy Says:

    I still really want to display both my own and my friends’ twitters.

  3. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    ironfroggy > can you give me a status link where the problem occurs please ?

  4. Claudio Says:

    Hi! Is there a way to get antialiasing with pwytter on Ubuntu? Thanks!

  5. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Claudio > I’ll take a look a this for the next release.

  6. Claudio Says:

    Thanks for the answer!
    Is there any way to force pwytter using a different path for tcl/tk library so I can use the latest alpha with antialiasing support? Usually,when I want to compile a program, I know it’s possible to specify the path.

  7. Bjorn Says:

    Looks like a cool app, I’ll check it out. Also, what is up with all the ads on this blog? Seriously.

  8. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Bjorn > the ads are here to sponsor server and bandwidth.

  9. Lane Says:

    Best access to Twitter I’ve found so far… and I’ve tried a few. I wish it were possible to filter tweets that use non-Western alphabets, since I don’t understand them and they clutter (to my eyes) the early morning display.

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