The next Pwytter Icon

This will be the icon for the next Pwytter release :

Pwytter Icon

11 Responses to “The next Pwytter Icon”

  1. DE Says:

    Icon? That is dreadful. What on earth are you thinking?

  2. Pierre-Jean Coudert Says:

    Thanks for the comment…

    Any suggestion ?

  3. albert Says:

    Hi, the accents are not working, and I cannot write correct spanish without them :)

    this doesn’t work -> á à ï

  4. John Says:

    Are you making an iPhone app??

  5. Steve Says:

    I agree with DE on this one, it’s not a direct visual metaphor for anything meaningful and it’s intricate enough to lose definition at lower sizes.

  6. josemota Says:

    You could accept suggestions for a logo/icon, I must agree with DE in the way that it’s not a good bet :)

  7. Ippe Says:

    Icon? Please no, it’s horrible :-( The current one is very good for me .-)

    re: suggestions, I’d like the possibility to manage multiple twitter accounts too :-)


  8. Alistair Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree – that is one awful logo. Take a look at the iPhone App Store – there are a lot of great logo examples in there. Gem-like in quality and simple metaphors for the product it represents.

    The problem with your proposed icon is that it doesn’t really say anything (other than ‘ugly as heck’). For this particular application, might I suggest a revisioning of the Python logo with a musical note or something? But subtle. Please.

  9. DJ Says:

    Does anyone know, when a new version is available?

  10. John Says:

    Very nice App, 2 problems & one update needed.
    #1 The app doesn’t have a run at boot time option ( have to use “start-up” folder.

    #2 App doesn’t reduce down to status bar icon (far right side, win XP).

    #3 Needs selectable notification sound.

  11. John Says:

    One more thing, the app doesn’t load from the desktop or quick launch bar icon when clicked.

    The problem i found is a missing “start in” field for the shortcut icon preferences.

    Just copy and paste or cut & paste the path to “start in” field and icon short cuts will work again.×3

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