If you want to help us to translate Pwytter in your language, download the following file :

Edit it with your favorite text editor, and fill the msgstr fields with the translations corresponding to the msgid english strings.


msgid “Loading…”
msgstr ” Translate here

If you’re working on Windows or Linux, you can use the poEdit application to ease this process.

When your done, send me an email [pierrejean dot coudert at gmail dot com] with the modified file attached, I will list your name on this page.

Thanks in advance !

Actual translations

  • China flag Simplified Chinese: eQuw acKman, Release 0.8
  • Taiwan flag Traditional Chinese: Weizhong Yang, Release 0.8
  • Dutch flag Dutch: Helco Prins aka makochan200, Release 0.9
  • English flag English: Pierre-jean Coudert, Release 0.8
  • Faroese flag Faroese: Magnus Valle, Release 0.9
  • French flag French: Pierre-jean Coudert, Release 0.8
  • German flag German: Yseult, Release 0.8
  • Italian flag Italian: Barbara aka The Black Cat, Release 0.8
  • Norwegian flag Norwegian: Brede Kaasa, Release 0.9
  • Japanese flag Japanese: Yusuke Yamamoto, Release 0.8
  • Polish flag Polish: Pawel Solyga, Release 0.8
  • Portuguese flag Portuguese: brunoric , Release 0.8
  • Romanian flag Romanian: Claudiu Antohi, Release 0.8
  • Russian flag Russian: Bloodcarter, Release 0.8
  • Serbian flag Serbian: Milos Topic, Release 0.8
  • Spanish flag Spanish: Jorge Rangel, Release 0.8
  • Swedish flag Swedish: Jonas Nockert, Release 0.8